What is the FX-eTrader?

FX eTrader is a tool for creating trading robots for the MetaTrader platform. It generates expert advisors which can provide reliable signals and which depend on the parameters of your trading strategy.

With this tool, you no longer need programming experience. This app will do all the work to create a trading robot for you.

In practice, each trading system you generate contains 2 trading modes:

  • Automatic Mode: the trading robot is fully automated, it opens a position automatically as soon as there is a buy or sell signal.
  • Manual Mode: the trading robot does not open positions, it only sends you alerts when there is a buy or sell signal. This mode allows you to check the signal on the chart before opening the position.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to transform your trading strategy into a trading robot or a trading indicator, as well as how to receive trading signals on your mobile phone or by email.

Best Automated Trading System - Programming Trading - Algorithmic Trading

The best automated trading system for creating trading bots, it is used by professional traders to automate trading strategies and create automated traders.