How to transform a trading strategy into a trading indicator?

In this article, we will show you how to create a technical indicator from your trading strategy that will allow you to receive buy and sell signals directly on your mobile phone or by email.

First, you need to build your auto trading system that matches your trading strategy from this page (Builder), we have already explained this phase in our previous article "How to create a trading robot?".

When you get to the last step in the form, you choose the manual trading mode, this trading mode turns your trading system into a technical indicator that will show you entry signals on the chart.

Why use this trading mode?

  • Sending trading signals: allows you to trade the market without having to stay in front of your PC screen, it sends you alerts on your phone or by email as soon as it detects entry signals , which will allow you to check the signal on the chart before opening the position.
  • The trade execution button (Sell/Buy): opens the position and automatically places the Stop Loss and Take Profit on the chart. Then, it takes control of your open position according to the parameters you have defined (Max loss daily, Trailing stop, ...)